Challenge: People who do not vaccinate only see the potential downsides of vaccines.

Creative solution: Demonstrate how dangerous these preventable diseases can be by focusing on how quickly they spread when unchecked.

  • For American Red Cross

Measles infects 9 out of 10 people it comes in contact with. Waldo has the measles and has infected all but 10 people on the billboard, who are missing the red-dot rash that's characteristic of the disease. We ask people to search for those 10 without a rash as an interactive piece in a place where people are often waiting and looking for something to do.


Red Cross will take over a bus shelter and use a motion-sensing camera to monitor the number of people that cross paths with the shelter. The number of people will be digitally projected onto the shelter to show how quickly things can spread. A print ad will be placed on the shelter to prompt people to download our Facebook extension to get their own personal number projections through our “Paths Crossed” App.

Paths Crossed Facebook Extension

During World Vaccine Week in April, an extension will be added to the Facebook app that will use GPS to allow users to see how many people they cross paths with and consequently how many people they could infect if they had measles. The extension will also include a map to show how far their infections have spread, an FAQ about vaccines, and a button to easily share their results.


Red Cross will post an “infected” photo to their twitter page. As the photo is favorited and retweeted it will “infect” more and more twitter feeds. The spread of this post represents the digital symmetry to measles and ease of spread.


Red Cross #StopTheSpread will sponsor a special exhibit at the MoMA where Roy Lichtenstein’s notable red-dotted paintings will infect other paintings in the gallery with red dots. In placement of an artist statement, the exhibit will have facts about the importance of Measles vaccination and ease of spread.