Marketing challenge: Although most of their urban locations are open 24 hours, IHOP is not top of mind when it comes to late munchies after nights out.

Creative solution: Make IHOP the next call after last call.

Fun fact: IHOP's lawyers contacted me about this spec campaign (I'm assuming because they were jealous that it was so great) and made me remove their logo from my ads. So that's why all of the mockups look vandalized. Sorry about that.

IHOP will buy ad space on city billboards and bus shelters in areas full of bars and nightclubs that are highly trafficked at night.

City billboard

Bus shelter: Flapjack and coke

Bus shelter: Kegs then eggs

Taxis are something hungry people out late at night are often looking for, so we stuck our tagline on top of them.

IHOP will distribute coasters shaped like pancakes to popular bars, because how could you not want to go to IHOP after putting your drink on a pancake all night?

IHOP will partner with Lyft to offer their users free rides to IHOP after nights out.

IHOP will be a promoted search result on Yelp when users search for "Restaurants Open Now" between the hours of 11pm and 4am.